LIKEMINDED: Entreprenuers

Earlier this year, Sara Baig was featured in Likeminded, a Canadian journal featuring in-depth profiles of creative entrepreneurs. For an intimate insiders look at the core of Sara Baig Designs, visit the link below!


"I had the pleasure of getting to know Sara Baig over the last year when we worked on a few wedding-related projects through The Love Studio. I instantly connected to her eclectic yet refined taste, informed by having lived in different parts of the world.  An architect by education, Sara’s approach to wedding design always felt to have the perfect understanding of space, of movement and volume, and of proportion. And so, one fine day in Toronto, we sat down in her light-filled condo situated in the Distillery District, and talked about her business and how she arrived where she is. We then wandered over to 507 King St. East where Sara Baig Designs’ studio is located and discovered a beautiful blank canvas, that Sara and her team transform daily whether it be for mock-up installations for clients or creative styled shoots. Sara, thank you for your generosity and for giving us a glimpse into your life."

– Andreea


"Define your business.
...The idea behind architectural weddings is to think about the space as a whole, not just where the bride and groom are sitting, but the complete ambiance and experience of walking into the space. Lighting is part of it, the room layout, the colour palette, the choice of flowers, the dance floor,the patterns and textures, are all elements that assist in creating a harmonious spatial experience..." - Sara Baig

Featuring photography by The Love Studio, visit the full article here.